Master product data management with Quick Release_

What data is required, who owns it, who maintains and who consumes at what point in time underpins almost all programme activity. Getting master data management right significantly influences success at both programme and organisation level by enabling delivery of the right data to the right people at the right time.

Putting the 'Master' into Product Data Management

While tempting to approach anything ‘data’ from a technical standpoint, trust is the key enabler. Completeness, compatibility and correctness underpin trust. An absence of trust in your data encourages disengagement and the building of parallel repositories and reports.

Securing buy-in through establishing accurate requirements, implementing data quality controls and ensuring reporting drives action will build capability, accelerate programmes and drive efficiency via seamless information flow.

Leveraging many years of multi-sector experience, QR_ have developed a dedicated BoM validation tool to drive master data correctness and have a dedicated development team to ensure integration between the most obscure systems.

Plan for every part

Software release management

Configuration management

BoM structuring

Cost & weight management

Issue management

Release & change management

Product definition

BoM management & audit

BoM & part validation

CAD-BoM alignment

Associated SMEs

“While tempting to approaching anything ‘data’ from a technical standpoint, trust is the key impact. Completeness, compatibility and correctness underpin trust. An absence of trust in your data encourages disengagement and the building of parallel repositories and reports.”

Alex Simons​, Master Data Management Champion

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