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Bring order to data and processes to better meet aggressive delivery schedules, cost pressures, change management requirements and variant configuration challenges.

High levels of demand for new rolling stock in a total cost-of-ownership sensitive market are increasingly being met by leading suppliers based on standard design platforms. This standardisation helps with the complex software and engineering integration challenges associated with modern rolling stock.

However, tailoring these platforms to the needs of different networks, power systems, operators and signalling systems creates high levels of variant complexity that can lead to delayed deliveries and commissioning difficulties. The resulting impacts for manufacturers are huge – escalating programme costs, delayed release into service of new trains, postponed revenues, contract penalties and reputational damage.

There is a solution - Quick Release. What we do is critical to the success of any modern rolling stock programme and we are the best in the world at doing it. We will be your expert partner that will bring order to your data and variant management and help you deliver your programmes faster, more efficiently and with less risk – enhancing your reputation with public and private sector operators as the most reliable supplier of the most reliable, cost-effective trains.

Showcase projects

Cost on track

QR_ was brought in to aid the delivery of cost savings for an Australian-market product family’s current and future designs including a 3-car DMU and 6-car EMU. Defined a standard process for cost evaluation.

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Solen Pasquet

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Solen Pasquet

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Senior Advisor, Consultancy