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The home of QR_'s Industry Reflections column, the PLM Essentials series, and topically pertinent thoughts from across the QR_ business and wider industry.

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A founding principle of QR_ is to approach PDM from a people rather than systems centric worldview. With this in mind, we publish a series of Quality Reads aimed at offering up insight and real-world examples.

‘Industry Reflections' covers the key challenges faced by both start-ups and established manufacturers, as we navigate a world of increasingly disruptive technology.

'PLM Essentials' touches upon the aspects of PLM any business must get right to accelerate their complex engineering product development, including how to create processes and systems that will help your organisation deliver the innovation it requires to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace.

'Recommended Reads' explores recently or frequently encountered questions and conundrums through a data lens, with insight on how to best address them.

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Industry Reflections - 10. NPD governance and effective milestone management

In the 10th instalment of his 'Industry Reflections' series, Lio Grealou elaborates on the purpose and effectiveness of key milestone delivery and associated NPD governance when driving complex engineering product development programmes.

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Industry Reflections - 9. Agile product development management

In part nine of his Industry Reflections series, Lio Grealou discusses business value from agility, adaptivity, and scalability - building better NPD governance, driving better data integration with portfolio management, incorporating continuous improvement towards open innovation and reinforced cross-functional accountability.

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Special Edition Newsletter: IWD 2022

What started out as an internal newsletter to celebrate International Women’s Day has turned into something too good not to share, but we shouldn't be surprised with some of QR_'s leading ladies at the helm!

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Why the latest UNECE regulations are making OEMs think twice about configuration management

UNECE regulations 155 and 156 introduce new vehicle homologation requirements around software update management and cyber security. Here, Omid Hosseinitabar, QR_'s Engineering Management champion and Product Manager for ERis, the continuous improvement product within QR_'s GAia suite, explores a high-level approach to managing the complex world of software in-line with the new requirements.

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Industry Reflections - 8. Effective Enterprise Data Governance: Driving Business Transformation (Part 2)

For the 8th instalment of his Industry Reflections series, Lio Grealou examines the success criteria for effective data governance, including the key roles of stakeholder groups, and outlines how effective data governance contributes to value creation and ongoing business transformation, and in turn how business transformation contributes to enabling better data governance practices.

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Horizon Scanning: ECM in Automotive and beyond

Many current ECM systems are designed for robust approval in a slower paced market, falling into the ‘Less’, ‘Earlier’ and ‘Effective’ strategies. As traditional powertrains begin to disappear, these workflows and systems will need to adapt to meet the demands of a now highly innovative and dynamic industry, pushing towards ‘Efficient’, ‘Better’, and a new Agile ECM strategy. This report outlines some of the industry changes likely occur within the next 10 years, and how ECM must evolve to fulfil the new and changing demands of the automotive industry.

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