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The home of QR_'s Industry Reflections column, the PLM Essentials series, and topically pertinent thoughts from across the QR_ business and wider industry.

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A founding principle of QR_ is to approach PDM from a people rather than systems centric worldview. With this in mind, we publish a series of Quality Reads aimed at offering up insight and real-world examples.

‘Industry Reflections' covers the key challenges faced by both start-ups and established manufacturers, as we navigate a world of increasingly disruptive technology.

'PLM Essentials' touches upon the aspects of PLM any business must get right to accelerate their complex engineering product development, including how to create processes and systems that will help your organisation deliver the innovation it requires to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace.

'Recommended Reads' explores recently or frequently encountered questions and conundrums through a data lens, with insight on how to best address them.

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QR_ 'Insightinar' #3: managing data against shortage

How the automotive chip shortage came about, and how better use of existing data can mitigate against supply chain disruption.

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PI DX Spotlight: The Secret Sauce to Open Source

As solar-electric vehicle manufacturer Lightyear approaches series production, digital plumber Rob Ferrone will compere as Willem van den Corput reflects on Lightyear’s product development journey so far, and Bas van Goch on the enterprise architecture and data culture underpinning it. Focusing on the challenge of ensuring systems are both ‘right sized’ for now and scalable for the future, Sam Fletcher will explore how the integration of rapidly deployable and comparably inexpensive open-source tools to an off-the-shelf backbone can prove attractive. Both Lightyear’s QRonos BTRS integration and the creation and deployment of an MRP tool for a medical device consortium with be referenced.

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PI DX Spotlight: Lost legacy Treasures and the modernisation of legacy systems

Salomon digital adventurer Jonathan Théry and QR_ pioneer Rob Ferrone (he/him/his) team up to boldly search for an answer to the unsolved mysteries of legacy #data. In this light-hearted review of legacy system challenges, Jonathan and Rob will take attendees on a journey of discovery, referencing sporting equipment and automotive examples as they introduce some of the tools and strategies required to make it out alive with legacy systems’ treasure.

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QR_ 'Insightinar' #2: Reaction Engines implementing and securing buy-in for a BTRS tool

Real-world case study: closer integration of procurement and engineering to enhance programme performance. This 25-min whirlwind case study will provide insights into how closer integration of the procurement and engineering worlds can be achieved without heavy, expensive systems, while also providing a catalyst for enhanced business practices and processes.

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Webinar: Helping suppliers to integrate with Ford in the V71x programme

Both Full Service Suppliers and Build to Print suppliers require high levels of accuracy to keep up with Ford's expectations. In this webinar we will cover all aspects of the supplier-OEM interaction, including timing, systems, processes and best practices to maximise success in this new strategic global programme.

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QR_ 'Insightinar' #1: rapid application development and extreme manufacturing challenges

How the engineering and production methodologies conceived, developed and refined in almost real-time during the VCUK ventilator scale-up challenge can be applied to challenger organisations seeking to reach prototype gateways more quickly and more efficiently, production-bound IP holders struggling to realise their market-share potential, and larger organisations looking beyond the usual to ensure competitive advantage in a post-Covid world.

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