Industry: Energy

High quality data drives efficient energy generation, distribution, and demand prediction with QR_ as your expert data management partner.

Decarbonisation of the global economy and current geo-political events are driving an unprecedented focus on new sources of more sustainable and more secure energy supply. This is driving innovation in renewable energy generation, energy storage and step changes in the efficiency of energy consumption.

The development of energy generation and management solutions involves advanced technology and software integration challenges. Many such programmes run late and over budget through different critical path items not being ready or misaligned through poor and incomplete specifications. The resulting impacts for solution providers are huge – escalating programme costs, delayed certification, postponed revenues, contract penalties, reputational damage and lost first-mover market opportunities.

Quick Release brings the enhanced data practices needed to support quicker certification, enhanced supply chain resilience and faster production ramp-ups. We are the best in the world at doing this and will be your expert partner that will bring order to your data and processes and help you deliver your solutions faster, more efficiently and with less risk – enabling you to realise your full potential as a leader in the sustainable energy solutions market.

Energy generation, distribution and battery tech SMEs

Paul Crabtree

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Director, UK

Paul started QR_ as a data analyst in 2011 after a lengthy period at university. Paul has grown with the company (figuratively, not literally unfortunately), now looking after several UK operations.

In his early days, Paul worked on process and system development with various OEMs, more recently working to accelerate Programs, most notably the UK Ventilator Challenge and ‘Project Siren’ - a joint venture between Ford and Venari – bringing a new ambulance to the market from concept to finished vehicle in 12 months.

Julia MacFarlane

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Business Leader, Rest of UK

Having previously worked for various established companies, start-ups and scale-ups, Julia has 15 years’ experience in Automotive project and program management.

Julia has managed several projects, ranging from one-off EV builds to new systems integration, and has more recently worked for a Fem-Tech company where she managed operational projects.

Outside of QR_, Julia continues to show her determination and strength demonstrated through her self-set challenges to run marathons, half-marathons and 10K’s!

Rob Levy

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Project Manager

As the Business Manager for the Project Management pillar, Rob helps shape the processes and best practice for QR’s projects. His focus is on ensuring that our projects are delivered to the highest quality and de-risking existing projects through QR’s very own PMO.

In his years of service at QR_, Rob has engaged with Electric Vehicle Manufacturers as well as Emergency Vehicle and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturers.

Outside of work, Rob is an avid traveler and sporting enthusiast.