Production, Service and Maintenance with Quick Release_

Foster seamless collaboration across the product development lifecycle. Promote transparent supply chain communication. Drive efficiency through integrated data processes.

PSM support from QR_'s global team of PDM Professionals and Senior Advisors

Compliance and Certifcation | Journey to safety and certification: driving excellence with product security and campaigns.

Through-life Support | Efficient asset management with sustainability by design, backed by service and maintenance configuration excellence.

Product and Aftermarket Sourcing | Optimising operations: source control, logistics, obsolescence, and standard management.

Compliance and Certification
Through-life Support
Product and Aftermarket Sourcing

Production, Service and Maintenance SMEs

Adam Tonks

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Expertise Lead for PSM, OPI, ELT

Adam began his journey with QR_ in August 2016 following a previous 5 years' Product Management experience in the IT and Lighting industries.

Since then, Adam has contributed his time and knowledge to several areas throughout QR_, now heading Service Offerings.

Matt Tickner

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Senior Service Manager for Product Specification Offering and Configuration Management (CM2+) Service

Matt joined Quick Release's Service Offerings team in 2023 with 8 years of previous experience in automotive and EV start-ups.

Matt is a specialist in Variant Configuration Management, but he has a wide range of Product Data Management experience and is always happy to offer his opinions on how best to get stuff done.

Matt's education was in environment and earth sciences, to this day he is passionate about tackling the challenges of climate change and plastic waste so we can leave the world a better place for future generations.

Shane Mason

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Senior Accounts Manager, ADS Practice

Shane joined QR_ after two decades in the defence, security and space sectors, having just completed a postgraduate masters degree in International Relations. Shane’s career has been varied, starting life as an apprentice technician with the Royal Navy, through to being appointed as Head of Strategy with one of the prime OEMs, and even stints as a news and radio personality speaking on geopolitics and defence. Shane’s core skills are in strategy, business winning and campaign leadership.