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Challenge for pole position in development, production, aftersales and mobility with QR_ as your expert data management partner.

Decarbonisation of the global economy is driving an unprecedented level of new zero emissions vehicle development and introduction. However, 90% of such programmes run late and over budget through lack of early visibility of different critical path items not being ready or misaligned through poor and incomplete product specification data. The operational impacts are huge – incorrect or wrong specification parts causing constant firefighting, reduced productivity, extensive re-work, immense frustration and high stress levels. The resulting business impacts are equally huge – escalating programme costs, delayed revenues and lost first-mover market opportunities.

There is a solution - Quick Release. What we do is critical to the success of any vehicle engineering programme and we are the best in the world at doing it. We will be your expert product data management partner that will bring order to your data and processes and help you bring your products to market faster, more efficiently and with less risk. Our extensive practical experience and unique hands-on approach will enable you to realise your full potential as a leader in the fast growing zero emissions vehicle market.

Showcase projects

Cost-down tracking and implementation

A British multinational automotive company found themselves in a difficult financial situation with shrinking margins due to rising manufacturing and supply chain costs. In response, a cost reduction project was initiated, aiming to reduce production costs by £1.4b over 3-year period. QR_ was hired to facilitate the cost reduction idea generation by overseeing and improving the data governance.

Live Uptime Centre

As part of the launch of the OEM brand, the OEM are aiming to be the first Light Commercial Vehicle OEM to have an 'Uptime Centre'. This project supports developing a live dashboard of metrics from numerous different data sources centered around Commercial Vehicle uptime. This dashboard was developed to be displayed on a ~10 meter 'power wall' within the Uptime Centre.

DVP Management

The client had no visibility of their Vehicle level Design Verification Plan. There was no single source of truth to enable traceability from vehicle requirement to verification.

Automotive SMEs

Chris Butlin

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Director, UK Automotive

Chris joined QR_ after graduating in Aerospace Engineering from University of Bath in 2013, and has since progressed through various analyst and management roles.

Since 2018, he has been running the Essex business unit and Ford of Britain account which has grown to the biggest in QR_ under his leadership.

He spends most of this time in either the Essex or London offices, where you’ll find him making parody music videos, bemoaning his hair loss, or telling stories of his misspent cricketing youth.

Rob Ferrone

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Senior Advisor

Seaside child from Bournemouth. Son of an English-Italian couple. Studied at Warwick. 4th place finish in Blind Date.

Did lots of interesting jobs before founding QR_ with Adam Grant in 2003; two Excel types who saw a gap in the market and wanted to create a fun company of like-minded data geeks. Finally got it off the ground with the help of Adam Blomerley. Worked in several different Ford suppliers in many different countries before putting down roots in Cologne in 2006.

Now focuses time on the team and business development. Lives with Nadine, Charlotte and Charlie. Would like to spend more time with Land Rover Defenders and off-road adventuring.

Marcus Youden

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Chief Growth Officer and Head of PDM Centre of Excellence

As Product Director at Quick Release_, Marcus is in charge of global services strategy, advisory, marketing and is co-lead of QR_ digital products.

Drawing on extensive experience in major program delivery and operating model change within the renewable and automotive sectors, Marcus builds and embeds new strategic capabilities delivering step-changes in product innovation, operational effectiveness and process excellence to bring products and technology to market faster and more efficiently.

When not in the office, Marcus is happiest spending time with his family and can usually be found riding one of his many bikes or on a ski slope in the French alps.