Prototype build and launch operations with Quick Release_

Prototype builds and complex engineered product launches are the moment of truth, and the truth is often hard. Mis-recorded attributes, unreleased changes, and last-minute additions equate to costly tooling changes, line stoppages, strained relations with suppliers and expedited logistics.

Trust us to deliver a photo finish for your programme, with a perfect prototype build and seamless launch.

With extensive multi-sector, multi-geographic experience assisting clients build capability, accelerate programmes and de-risk builds, driving efficiencies through our perfect prototype build methodology, QR_ has the implementation muscle to ensure these insights deliver quick, tangible results.

Supplementing our people-centric process work, the GAia suite of digital tools contains proven MRP, release timing and BoM validation modules, plus an upcoming test planning and scheduling solution, to ensure we deliver outcomes through insight, automation and control.


Stock control & management

Material requirement planning (MRP)

Master parts list

Order management

Build deviation management

DVP & fleet management

Capacity planning

Supplier liaison


Associated SMEs

“With extensive multi-sector, multi-geography experience assisting clients de-risk builds, accelerate programmes and drive efficiencies through our perfect prototype build process, launch management and material requirements planning, QR_ has the implementation muscle to ensure these insights deliver quick, tangible results.”

Chris Downton, Build Management Champion

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