QR_ 'Insightinar' #3: managing data against shortage

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QR_ 'Insightinar' #3: managing data against shortage

How the automotive chip shortage came about, and how better use of existing data can mitigate against supply chain disruption.

Published 6 May 2022

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First broadcast 27 April 2022

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'Chip Shortage in the Automotive Industry'

Helen Crimmins | Business Manager, QR_

Helen is a Business Manager at Quick Release in Detroit. She handles data analysis and project management to support new product releases for automotive companies. Before joining Quick Release, she was a Demand Planner for an OEM in the aerospace/defense and medical device industries. She has a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Economy from Michigan State University.

00:43 – Chip Shortage in the Automotive Industry 

11:31 – Q1: can more vehicle functionally be controlled from a lower number of chips, easing variant configuration and introducing few points of supply chain failure? 

12:36 – Q2: did trends towards electrification contribute to the chip shortage?

14:13 – Q3: have there been similar disruptions in other sectors that automotive manufacturers can take lessons from?

'A little history of product data management and how smart architecture and intelligent tooling can help'

Chris Jobse | CEO, Founder, Owner, PIMvendors.com

Chris Jobse is founder and co-owner of PIMvendors.com. With his knowledge of the PIM market, he is an important link between the retailer and the PIM supplier. As a senior Master Data and Product Information expert, Chris is advising customers to organize their data in the most efficient way to serve their OmniChannel goals. He is a specialist in optimizing business processes and advising the management to implement the right tooling to support these processes

15:08 – A little PDM history and how smart architecture and intelligent tooling can help

21:17 – Q1: how does good product data alleviate supply chain shortages? 

22:08 – Q2: is there a shortage of product data, or is the bottleneck in managing that data from different silos between different players in the supply chain? 

22:51 – Q3: can good ERP also address the ‘people’ as well as ‘process’ side of shortage management?

'Mitigation Strategies Against Supply Disruption Risk: A Case Study at the Ford Motor Company'

Dr. Ece Sanci | Assistant Professor, University of Bath School of Management

Ece Sanci is an assistant professor at the School of Management, University of Bath. She received her Ph.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2019. Her research focuses on decision making under uncertainty with applications in disaster relief and disruption risk mitigation. Her collaborations and impact range across automotive, healthcare, and banking industries.

23:46 – Mitigation strategies against supply disruption risk: a case study at the Ford Motor Company

34:32 Q1: there are two methods in this study; one from literature and your own – can you elaborate?

35:55 – Q2: what input went into this model, was the data already available, and how did you select it to be relevant to a real world case?

38:55 – Q3: having developed the model in a pre-pandemic model, would it need any changes to adapt it to current conditions?

Hosted by

Ahmet Mazacioglu, PhD | Project Analyst, QR_

Ahmet is a mechanical engineering PhD specialized in energy and automotive applications. As a Project Analyst in QR, he is currently working with an electric vehicle start-up towards accelerating their first product release to the market. Prior to joining QR, Ahmet had 8 years of research experience under several multidisciplinary projects with impact delivered to academic, industrial, governmental, and NGO collaborators.

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