The QR_ Hub is born

The QR_ Hub is born

We recognise the need to practice what we preach when it comes to data management and as such have created our own information hub which launched today.

“As we keep growing in scale and across locations, the need for more integrated systems and functionality has become more and more apparent. Rather than wait for a problem, we’re investing in a platform which has the potential to meet our future needs as well as some important ones now.” Nick Solly explains.

His team have created TheHub with a combination of smart technology, functionality and a dash of Quite Refreshing personality. It has been developed in house to meet QR_’s specific needs and the first applications are development actions tracking for HR, requests for the ‘Special Projects’ team and holidays management. Many more are in the pipeline.

“As a manager,” says Raj Bamra, “it’s really useful to see everything in one place and better still, if I need a special report or view of what’s going on I can get it created quickly and easily, so I don’t have to spend my time manipulating data rather than supporting my team. It’s basically doing to ourselves what we do with our customers.”

QR_ will also be tying in quick links to all the regular tools we use – web conferencing, social media, webmail and rewards tools, so it can be a one stop shop with full search functionality and more development is expected.

Nick is expecting it to keep his team quite busy “Any time you create something new like this, you push people’s imaginations a little further, and they then push you to add more useful functionality. The trick is to maintain momentum with this, keeping harvesting the best ideas and delivering better support to the teams, so yes, I expect it will be busy!”

For more info on TheHub and its development, contact:

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