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Construimos con orgullo una profesión dedicada a la gestión de datos de productos, ayudando a las empresas de automoción a comercializar mejores productos con mayor rapidez para satisfacer las crecientes y cambiantes demandas del mundo.

Resolvemos los retos de datos de sus productos hoy y preparamos su mañana para el futuro.

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PI DX Spotlight: Lost legacy Treasures and the modernisation of legacy systems

Salomon digital adventurer Jonathan Théry and QR_ pioneer Rob Ferrone (he/him/his) team up to boldly search for an answer to the unsolved mysteries of legacy #data. In this light-hearted review of legacy system challenges, Jonathan and Rob will take attendees on a journey of discovery, referencing sporting equipment and automotive examples as they introduce some of the tools and strategies required to make it out alive with legacy systems’ treasure.

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Special edition newsletter: Women's History Month

What started out as a small internal newsletter to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month has turned into something rather impressive, but we shouldn't be surprised with some of QR_'s leading ladies at the helm! Download, kick back and have a read through the mix of reflection, history and personal experiences ranging from the mildly amusing to the quite worrying.

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FT identifies QR_ as leading automotive management consultancy

Based on client and peer feedback, QR_ once again features on the FT’s Leading Management Consultants list. Here’s our take on how we can mix it with the heavy hitters and in many cases come out on top.

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The Perfect Prototype I: What Is A Perfect Prototype, Anyway?

In the first of a three-part series, Quick Release Inc.'s Ian Rye takes a look at what it really means to have a successful prototype build in the automotive world, and all of the little decisions along the way that it takes to get there. Drop into the introduction here, understand the goals of a prototype build, and take some time to think or comment about your point of view of what needs to happen to really knock this phase out of the park.

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Podcast: Humanising PLM and QR_'s internal training

QR_ founding director Rob Ferrone joins Myriam Jenni for Share PLM's latest podcast. Discussion focusses on the core QR_ philosophy of systems not being the whole answer, with human factors such as processes, buy-in and understanding being key influencers of success. QR_'s internal training methods and efforts to build a PDM profession are also covered.