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Construimos con orgullo una profesión dedicada a la gestión de datos de productos, ayudando a las empresas de automoción a comercializar mejores productos con mayor rapidez para satisfacer las crecientes y cambiantes demandas del mundo.

Resolvemos los retos de datos de sus productos hoy y preparamos su mañana para el futuro.

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Industry Reflections - 2. Enterprise Solution 101 for Engineering Start-Ups

Digitalization is a means to an end; implementing enterprise solutions should be carefully scoped and timed, in context of business maturity and capability requirements. In his second 'Industry Reflections' piece, Lio Grealou discusses how start-ups leverage such capabilities and associated digital tools to get on the maturity ladder, balancing experimentation with best in breed solution adoption, building the required data culture as they mature their business operations and product offering.

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Patrick Gallagher appointed Managing Director, QR_ Inc.

QR_ are delighted to announce the addition of Patrick Gallagher to the QR_ family as Managing Director of our US entity, Quick Release Inc.

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PLM Essentials - 3. Part Nomenclature

Our PLM Essentials series explores how to create processes and systems that will help your organisation deliver the innovation it requires to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace. In our third instalment of the PLM Essentials series, we discuss the important of part nomenclature and how to design and implement effective part description systems.

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Industry Reflections - 1. Key Challenges for Complex Engineering Start-Ups

Complex engineering start-ups are different from established businesses as they must simultaneously develop both product and business maturity. For the first of Industry Reflections series, Lio Grealou elaborates on the challenges start-ups must get right when setting up enterprise operations to support product development ambitions.

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International Women in Engineering Day - QR_ profile videos and areas of expertise

International Women in Engineering Day is upon us, and to help the Women's Engineering Society focus attention on the range of amazing opportunities the field has to offer - some less obvious than others - a selection of QR_'s leading ladies will release videos discussing their career so far, a particular aspect of what QR_ does, and how it feels to accelerate the design to line journey of tomorrow's technologies.