The PCF Team.

Quick Release_ has implemented a part pedigree tracking team that is receiving accolades for its progress even in the early stages of application. The PCF Team (Part Coordination Fixture) is designed to track and improve part pedigree for all build phases of sheet metal parts for a flagship vehicles 2014 facelift. While PCF gets its name from an early build stage, the Team’s contribution continues through to the beginning of mass production.

Given the task of creating a process that would monitor and anticipate changes within a major program, the PCF Team originated its involvement by collecting and displaying all part pedigree information for body in white. After the initial stages of accumulating and tracking the relevant part information, it became apparent that the highest contributor to extended lead times on tooling completion was mid-project part modification.

As per usual, the simplest solution to the problem was prevention. The PCF Team set about designing a tracking system to anticipate and identify potential delays well ahead of any critical deadline and expedite concerns and tooling kick-off where necessary.

Some of tools that the PCF team uses to track and anticipate problems include a tool that links change notices with the involved parts, records useful information and tracks the progress of the change from when it is raised until the issue is resolved. Another tool that we developed pulls all relevant data from open change notices on a daily basis. Any new changes are added to the our tracker and rejected concerns are deleted. In conjunction with all the methods that the PCF team have introduced to track change management, one of the most effective points of detection is through supplier contact. For this reason, the PCF Team sees its relationships with suppliers as a priority. Weekly meetings are held with every contributing supplier and regular contact is made from both supplier and the PCF Team to nurture and grow this resourceful association.

As a result of these creative solutions the average lifetime of transmittals linked to ETAs has dropped by 90%, an emphatic outcome in the early stages of PCF’s involvement. With the application of the PCF Team, Quick Release_ has once again shown its ability to identify the requirement for, and implement a solution to, an innovative role within the fast paced and high pressure Automotive product development environment.

Patrick McDivitt

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