The IP/Cockpit Team.

The QR_ Instrument Panel/Cockpit and Centre Console team work for a large automotive supplier supporting a large automotive supplier on a flagship vehicle. We create and track change notices within the central BoM system so that engineering changes can be reviewed and approved. In addition we make sure that relevant information such as what changes are being made, any deviations in costs, and details ofwhen the new parts will be available are provided by the supplier.

We also create and track alerts to allow short term deviations – these are usually used to compensate for timing issues. In addition to releasing we also undertake part progress tracking work for both the Instrument Panel and Centre Console and the Door Trim teams, which involves us entering Production Part Approval Procedure (PPAP) dates into the system.

To make sure we provide the best possible service to our clients we have a number of tools, created by the QR_ Special Projects Team, which allow us to accurately and efficiently enter information into the system and extract it. One such tool greatly reduces the time it takes to create reports to track our alerts. It can be used in conjunction with another of our tools to check that our reports show all of the latest alerts.

The first of these tools displays all the information you could require from the alert and formats it into an easy to read table. It also displays historic alerts on a separate sheet. In addition, the tool breaks down the parts by the vehicle that they are affecting, and then lists a complete history of alerts for each of the vehicles build phases. This QR_ built tool is extremely useful for our clients, as well as our team, as it allows them access to information that would otherwise be difficult for them to attain quickly.

Nilesh Mistry

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