Rob Ferrone.

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Contact me…

If your product data management and/or business processes are not working as well as you think they could be.

I am passionate about…

I am passionate about the quality of interaction between people, and freeing engineers and organisations from the things that weigh them down.

My background

I have Italian heritage but was born and raised in the UK. I studied Engineering at Warwick then moved to London where I worked as a life model and actor, however I have spent most of my professional life working with Automotive Product Data in different mainland Europe cities.

My QR story

As the automotive industry moved towards global products and shared content, I saw that Engineers were becoming overwhelmed with trying to manage increased complexity whilst being constrained by systems and processes designed for a simpler world. Increasingly more Engineering time was spent feeding information into systems so that management could have the global overview they needed. It was getting harder to process changes through the system and Engineers were becoming seriously demotivated. I enjoyed controlling the digital world and took over the technical administration of the Bills of Materials and Engineering Change from the Engineers. I had the system content under control so Engineers could go back to engineering and management trusted me to get things through the system in the fastest time possible, which gave rise to Quick Release. Since those early days, Adam, Adam and I have been focused on growing a team of exceptionally capable and positive people to meet the needs of global organisations looking to maximise the speed and quality of their product development process. I love what QR does.

When I am not working for QR I…….

I live in Cologne with a wonderful wife and have an 8 year old son. Family and friends are important to me and because time is precious I focus on them outside of work. I live vicariously through films but have the occasional travel adventure. I drive a variety of exciting Ford cars and go off-road in a Land Rover when I can.

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