Paul Crabtree.

By Posted in - on July 18th, 2016

Business Leader

Contact me…

For PDM, PLM, Process improvement, Powertrain and Industrial Placements (anything beginning with P…).

I am passionate about…

I am passionate about delivering the best in everything that we do, this extends not only to the quality of our technical work on project but our interaction with colleagues and clients as well as the ethos and culture within the company. In terms of what I know, I have an unwavering belief that we can succeed in any project that is thrown our way, we have the people and the skills to adapt to any environment and understand any situation as fast and efficiently as anyone.

My background

I spent a long time in education, completing both an undergraduate and doctorate degree at The University of Bath. My time in academia gave me the utopian, theoretical solutions to problems which, whilst often not implementable in industry, have provided the standards to aspire to. Alongside my studies I have had a number of interesting jobs, including delivering flour, running inventory in a windscreen warehouse and most notably collecting waste as a binman.

My QR story

Quick Release was my first job out of University and I genuinely couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I have loved watching the company grow and diversify in the way it has and feel extremely proud and lucky to be part of it. Along the way I have had the opportunity to influence business direction, moving into PDM within Powertrain Unit and also setting up a successful Industrial Placement scheme for undergraduates.

Whilst looking back is great, I am also confident that the best is still yet to come with the company and am extremely excited for the next few years.

When I am not working for QR I…….

Try to maintain an acceptable level of fitness; my footballing days are over so I have accepted the transition to endurance events and general gym activities.

I am married with 2 very active children so much of my time is spent attempting to keep them entertained or ferrying them to whichever club they are attending. I help coach an under 6 rugby team which provides a good opportunity for more mature and coherent conversation than I typically get around the lunch table at work.

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