Nick Solly.

By Posted in - on February 26th, 2014

Associate Director

Contact me…

If you believe in smart solutions to difficult problems, or if you feel that you haven’t fully realised the potential of your product data management implementation.

I am passionate about…

I am passionate about taking an opportunity from conception through to a fully implemented business, system, data or process change.  I am uncompromising in the quality of my team’s work and always keep focus on the business value we are delivering.

My background

I grew up in Birmingham but then studied my Physics undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford.  I won the Scott Prize for graduating top of my year group as well as the William Buckland Prize for examination performance.  It was at this point I had to make the choice about continuing in academia or starting a career in industry.  Industry won out and I was excited by the chance to apply the rigour and logical approach I had gained to real world problems.

My QR story

I joined Quick Release_ back in 2010 and have never looked back.  I was fortunate enough to live and work in Valencia for my first year, managing complex BoM data for a large automotive supplier.  Once I moved back to the UK at the end of 2011, I took over global releasing responsibility for a commercial vehicle seating supplier and then moved to supporting prototype build part coordination for a major automotive OEM.

One of my biggest challenges was then setting up a team at a surrey based performance car manufacturer working within the engineering function groups, on their SAP data migration and also running their product data management department.  I grew this team from two to, at its peak, seventeen.

As I progressed through the company I also took on responsibility for our Special Projects group, who work as an internal and external software design house, which tied in strongly with my passion for programming.

Finally, my Associate Directorship was awarded at the end of 2015 based on my plan to grow the consultancy side of our business.  I’m incredibly excited to continue to see Quick Release_ growing and how we can positivity impact the lives of our employees and clients.

When I am not working for QR…

Music is my passion.  While I was at school, I achieved Grade 8 in Piano, Violin and Saxophone as well as receiving a diploma from the London College of Music.  Nowadays my involvement is more as a consumer/connoisseur – although my dream is still to one day own a Fazioli grand piano.  When I don’t have pair of headphones on, I’m a big board game fan (think Settlers of Catan or Pandemic rather than Monopoly or Risk) and have a pretty decent collection of Single Malts.


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