Alex Evans.

By Posted in - on July 26th, 2013

Business Leader (Operations & Recruitment)

Contact me…

If you want to know more about working for QR or if you’re interested in applying to join the team!

I am passionate about…

I am passionate about sourcing real talent. I get a real buzz when we find someone who makes a positive contribution to the team, whether it’s through awesome technical ability, Jedi communication skills, a personality that shines brightly, or all three of the above.

My background

I studied Life Sciences at Nottingham Uni, before setting up a magazine and online publishing company. Living it up through the dot com bubble, I was running a business by day and DJing & promoting at night. I then met my future wife and we eloped to the Alps before we returned together to the UK as teachers. After 5 years we re-eloped to the French Alps to run a chalet business, at which point I was asked to do some part-time branding work with QR… and the rest is history.

My QR story

I didn’t even realise it but everything I have done in the past has been leading up to my current role with Quick Release. Branding is the common thread which runs through much of my work history… whether creating imagery or content to sell hip-hop or chalets, I’ve always been interesting in identifying the essence of what it is that people buy into and nothing could be more relevant than trying to attract new, like-minded people to join our team. I even get the chance to flex my creative muscles, working with QR’s iconic red and black brand imagery.

When I am not working for QR I…….

…live in the sticks somewhere not too far away from Leicester with my wife and 2 sons. I still DJ from time to time and run the occasional music quiz, but it’s more likely to be a room of toddlers than ravers these days. I do occasionally manage to hobble out to the odd gig or festival. I like spending time with my boys, cooking for large groups, designing flyers, posters and websites and making stuff out of wood – but don’t get enough time for much of any of that.  It’s a good job that I love my work!

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