TTC pledge article

TTC pledge article

In February 2018, directors and associate directors Quick Release signed the Time To Change Pledge. QR_ has always taken the health of our employees seriously and the signing of the Time to Change Pledge is just our next step towards becoming the industry leader for employees wellbeing.

As our Associate Director Paul Crabtree says:

“At QR_ it is an understatement to say our people are important to us, they are _everything_ to us; the foundation of our business, the product we sell, the deliverers of our projects and most importantly, the reason we keep coming in to work. As such we realise that the wellbeing of the QR_ family is critically important and synonymous with our success. Over the last 18 months we have been working to improve this via a number of wellbeing initiatives and one of these is our commitment to understand and support our mental wellbeing. This year we have signed up to the ‘Time to Change’ Mental Health pledge as a physical manifestation of the work we are undertaking with The Outsiders to deliver a best-in-class mental wellbeing program for professional services firms. Discrimination and stigma exist in many forms, some overt and others unintentional and misguided – we are committed to addressing all of these and are working with the entire QR_ team to make sure we understand the value in looking after our mental wellbeing.”

We are also undertaking many initiatives during Mental Health Awareness week, including sharing the 5 ways to wellbeing with the company and kicking off our mental health awareness training on 21st May.

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