‘The Qwiki Breathes’ – Knowledge Management takes a new step

‘The Qwiki Breathes’ – Knowledge Management takes a new step

With the burgeoning best practice, help and advice files QR_ has created over the years and with many more product data professionals to support, it was becoming apparent that a faster and more intuitive way to store and search this information was required.

Today at 5:07:35 PM we were proud to announce the launch of the Qwiki, a product data management wiki with our Quite Refreshing touch, already primed with our current knowledge base.

“As we have grown and begun working on more sites for more clients, the internal grapevine is no longer sufficient for sharing best practice.”

says Nick Solly, head of Special Projects, QR_’s tool development branch,

“We have developed the Qwiki as ‘Quick create, quick refer’ source of information & articles to ensure we’re always applying best practice. A search box is the way we find most of our information these days and our ability to rate and measure usage on each article or item helps make it highly intuitive.”

Recent starter Rivka Dalfen adds, “When you’re new to an organisation, you want to learn as quickly as possible and you don’t always want to have to ask people, especially when they’re really busy. During these first days on the job, the Qwiki has already proven invaluable in helping me get the information I need and focus on the job in hand. Also I know if something is not covered in the Wiki, I’m not asking a “stupid” question!”

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