While engineers sleep….

While engineers sleep….

With the establishment of a new office in Australia, as well as offering direct support for the region, Quick Release have established a 24 hour support function for all locations and programmes. Whilst your engineering and programme teams are sleeping, data can be processed, analysis carried out and reports produced so that teams can hit the ground running with up to date information and a clear set of priorities the moment they step through the door.

Whilst this capability may not be required at all times during a programme, there are key gateways, such as final data judgement or initial production release where, in the lead up, you need up to date information the moment you walk in. This support can be provided, typically as an extension to existing support for any duration required.

Pat McDivitt, who heads up the office spoke of the service, “It’s brought new capability to the QR_ team globally and frees up more time for the on-site specialists to spend ‘at elbow’ with their teams, ensuring what needs to get done happens in a timely and accurate manner”

For further information on 24 hour support, please contact Paul Crabtree.
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