Introducing a Vehicle to a New Region.

A Quick Release_ client has recently made the first steps to extend its current manufacturing operations for the new version of its flagship van from two plants in Turkey and the USA to an additional plant in Elabuga, Russia.

As part of the QR_ team within a full service supplier to said OEM, my role is as releasing co-ordinator for the Cockpit, Instrument Panel and Door Trim teams, where one of my main responsibilities is BoM control; ensuring that the latest design of part is agreed with the OEM, available for production and that the internal systems are up to date to allow this part to be delivered to the plant.

We have to approach the introduction of a new plant cautiously as we cannot allow it to impact current production in the plants in Turkey or the USA. To kick off, we create a ‘new’ BoM according to the specification of the vehicles that will be manufactured in Russia such as additional parts for the cold climate pack, etc.

There are also many manufacturing capabilities to consider, i.e. what manufacturing tools/ gauges/ processes are available in Elabuga? Can they replicate the manufacturing and assembly processes currently utilised in the clients two other plants? This phase requires the most input from the team as we need to understand all of the possible impacts that this can have on the program, so that we don’t have any surprises once we begin production at the new plant.

Once the BoM for Russia is finalised, we assess the steps that need to be taken to achieve it. We will layout the release actions, specify any new equipment, processes or extra personnel required and review the logistics.

This final preparation phase requires several rounds of discussion with the OEM, refining details of each parts’ production process to answer the questions who? how? when? and how much? Once everything has been agreed upon, we can begin implementing our production plan.

Felix Prettejohn

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