BOMphetamin quick release

BOMphetamin: A Quick Release product for the relief of system induced pains. Overuse can cause quality relationships. May contain nuts.

“I had been in and out of meetings and reviews all day, and was just about to finish updating the CAD for my latest seating change when I got called into yet another change management meeting. After the sixth question about MFAL coding and PDL complexity, I had a splitting headache and just wanted to hide from all this release nonsense.
As I left the meeting, a smart looking young chap handed me a box of BOMphetamin, promising that they would take the pain away. I wolfed down handfuls, desperate for relief from concern rejections and ageing AIMS, but only ended up with minty fresh breath.
It was only after searching for the effects of BOMphetamin on the internet that I realised it was all a marketing ploy, designed to get me to look the Quick Release website. I bet they were hoping that they could start managing our Bill of Materials, releases, or part timing, freeing up engineering time to focus on producing a high quality product.”
– A totally real engineer, 2016

For more information on how Quick Release can provide genuine relief from your PDM headaches – drop us a line, send us a mail or connect with us online:

Twitter: @quickrelease_


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