A guide To Sexy Powerpoints.

By Posted in - IT & Knowledge Base & media & Tips & Tricks on July 15th, 2013

We have all witnessed the multiple lines of text appearing on the big screen in front of us, and wondered if this really really is the outcome of millions of years of evolution of human communication skills.

Powerpoint can be a beautiful and ultimately very useful aid to communication if used correctly. The problem is that this is regrettably a rare occurrence. The pictures (oh yes… pictures) on the screen should be a visual aid to the verbal presentation. It should be used to add flare and excitement, or illustrate a particular point, and occasionally as a vehicle for humour.

Next time you’re about to click save at the end of a mammoth powerpointing session, just stop…. watch the presentation below and have a think before revisiting your work. It may just be the best thing you ever did for your colleagues!

Seriously… This post may be light-hearted, but enough time has been wasted in the world by presentations that don’t communicate effectively or use visual aids incorrectly. The QR_ Team should be leading the way by showing everyone in the automotive industry how it’s done properly. Apply the QR filter to everything you and make the world a better place!

If you are struggling for time and need some help with a presentation then contact me (AlexDotEvansAtQuickReleaseDotCom) ¬†and I’ll be happy to help add some spice.

Here ends this morning’s lesson.

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